Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The pressure monitoring system called TPMS or SSPP by technicians allows the permanent monitoring o f the pressure of your tyres. A radio transmission is made between each electronic wheel sensor-valve and the dashboard, which will inform you should you have a slow or fast puncture or a blow-out.

For your safety

The system is a major advance in terms of safety since it alerts you in a real time of a pressure failure in the wheels of your vehicle.

In the case of a loss of pressure or slow puncture, the system will alert you in order for you to take corrective action before major damage could occur. In the case of a fast puncture, the immediate display means you can stop thus avoiding driving and destroying the tyre. In all cases you will avoid substantial costs.

Fuel Economies

Under-inflation is a frequent cause of excess fuel consumption. By altering you, TPMS allows you to react and adjust your pressure.

During any inspection of a tyre, it is important to inspect the condition of the sensor-valve and of the electronic system. It may be necessary to ensure satisfactory operation and your safety.

At Eastbourne Tyres, our┬átechnicians are trained in the different sensors fitted to European vehicles, and in the inspections required for maintenance. The spare parts and the sensors are all available from Eastbourne Tyres. The spare parts and sensors which will be offered to you are in compliance with the manufacturers’ standards.

Eastbourne Tyres are proud to be accredited by Schrader


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