Wheel Alignment

We offer a full vehicle geometry alignment, a  4 wheel laser alignment and a 2 wheel  alignment.

The full geometry is the latest STR410R computer  live adjustment system and is both BBRA and insurance approved.  This covers all aspects of adjustability within the modern vehicle chassis.  Cameras are set on all four wheels and the vehicle’s suspension/steering angles are measured with a full health check  then printed out.  Adjustments are then carried out to the manufacturer’s specification along with a new print out showing what adjustments were made.   With the 4 wheel  system lasers  are set down both sides of the vehicle.  This measures the thrust line  and the front and rear toe angles.  If adjustable we can then set the alignment to the manufacturer’s specification.   Correct alignment saves fuel, tyre wear  and suspension wear.  Research indicates that the average car mileage is around 12,000 miles per year.  A vehicle with just 0.34 toe misaligned, ( not very much) ,  has dragged its tyres sideways for more than 68 miles by the end of the year.

Why Check It?

Driving over potholes, speed bumps or curbs can knock your wheel alignment out. This can lead to uneven wear and tear on your tyres and it could feel like your car is ‘pulling’ to one side. This in turn can lead to an increase in fuel consumption and premature wear and tear on your tyres.

The facts

If your car is out of alignment (or tracking as it is more commonly known) by just 4mm then every mile you travel your car tyres are being forced sideways by 8.4 meters (24 feet). No wonder incorrect alignment results in excess shoulder wear.

The Equipment

We use one of the latest 4 wheel alignment systems by super tracker. It enables us to have a clear and accurate read out on the toe of all 4 wheels of your vehicle. The information can then be checked against manufacture recommended settings.


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