Tyre Advice

Tyre Advice

fuel_efficiencyFuel Efficiency

Rated: A (most efficient) to G (least efficient)

Rolling resistance is one of the factors that can affect your fuel consumption if your tyres aren’t properly inflated. The lower the rolling resistance, the less fuel you will require to move your vehicle forward and therefore the less carbon emissions your car will produce.
The difference in fuel consumption between A and G-rated tyres could be as much as 7.5%* That’s based on an average passenger vehicle, that is approx. 0.65L per 100km

noise_labelExterior Noise

Rated: 1 (Quietest) to 3 (Loudest)

  1. Black sound waves = already 3dB below the future European limit
  2. Black sound waves = already compliant with future European limit
  3. Black sound waves = compliant with the current European limit

wet_weatherWet Grip

Rated: A (Best) to G (Worst)

Braking respsonse is one of the most important elements of your tyre’s performance in the wet and is essential for your safety. The braking distance between A and G-rated tyres could be as much as 30%*. Based on a passenger car travelling at 80kph, for example. This could mean your braking distance could be up to 18m in wet weather conditions.


*Source: European Commission’s impact Assessment SEC (2008) 2860

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