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Tyre Tread Depth

The legal minimum tread depth requirement  in the UK is 1.6mm across the central  ¾  of the tread for the full circumference of the tyre.  The tyre must also be the correct size and speed rating for vehicle and for the purpose the vehicle is used.  Most motoring organizations recommend you change your tyres when they are down to 3mm tread depth.

Below 3mm it takes a car travelling at 50mph 8 metres longer to stop on a wet road. That’s the difference between stopping at a zebra crossing or possibly knocking a pedestrian over.

The maximum fine for each tyre is £2,500.00  with 3 points added to your licence.  Mixing patterns and brands is permissible but mixing construction types ie. radial and crossply,  on the same axel is not.

We offer a free, no obligation,  tyre condition and pressure check so please call in to our Fort road depot and make sure you are safe and legal.

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